Raza Kazim and the Music Treasure of Sanjan Nagar
May 22, 2018
Interview: Meet the lawyer, philosopher & activist who also invented a musical instrument
June 14, 2018

Things Sanjan Nagar Taught Me

Life lessons which are just as good as cupcake frosting



  1. Oxymoronically – nothing is meaningless

Existential voids and being bored are excuses for the unlearned and lazy.


  1. Ageing is beautiful (period)

Things do not exist because God created them and left them to rot, Nature doesn’t forget. Time only beautifies and solidifies subjects even more.


  1. Everything is anthropological

Everything has a purpose. (license to hoard DVD’s (remember those?) and picture frames) The tall trees, short shrubs, pebbles, dusty books, creaky doors, the musky wood scent of old buildings, everything has stories to tell.


  1. Somethings take 10 years to form, somethings take 10 minutes

Nobody tells you to speed up, or to slow down when they trust your creative process. The world of today however cruel it may be, respects art. No amma, I will not do it faster.

Side Note: Even the universe is said to be created in 7 days.


  1. It is how i choose to see it

Okay, so my mother did tell me i can make my life whatever i want to, nahi parhu gi toh successful kaise hogi? But dayum. I NOW KNOW WHAT IT MEANS. You get me, You get me, right? DO YOU?


  1. Authentic living is our only option

I can argue and justify everything, i can lie all i want to, but there is only one way to go.


  1. Intellect is orgasmic for the Mind – Self Explanatory. Whew. Multi*


  1. There is no right or wrong in anything but LOGIC


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