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May 22, 2018
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May 22, 2018

How does Art Affect Culture and Society?

Pakistani society is just mere chaos and anarchy barging into each other, with no sense of discipline or taste. Our founders crafted legal systems, but what for? Social order is maintained by social norms and culture not legislature really.

We inherited a system of slavery, self motivated rulers and corrupt historical context. We lost the sense and taste for art and culture.

Every individual in our society has been simply too busy building castles when the nation barely had a shed to stand under.

Culture shields the society from the mischiefs of the human instinct. Urges like greed, denial, sabotaging rights and vengeance are kept at bay through self policing that great cultures demand from its flag bearers.

Sensitivities shape our sense of art, the art sense dictates culture and a strong culture makes an unbreakable society. Our problems lies in the absence of art.

We ignorantly call anything crafty, art. But, a piece of music sung by a pop artist, a sculpture exhibited in a top show or a book by some bestselling author does not necessarily qualify as art.

Art is a gazillion times more powerful, meaningful and dynamic than the mediocrity we see around us.

Art evokes sensitivities, it makes the limbs inside us that we didn’t know existed – move, twist and turn. It makes us understand languages that we were unaware of. It shows us colors that did not exist and feelings we never experienced before.

Such is the kind of art that shapes cultures. And then these cultures tie together the stronghold societal bonds. Imagine a world based on strong networks and actual relationships as opposed to todays fake garbage we see in our schools, work and private life.

Imagine a world where ‘what is life?’ is not a catch phrase but a thematic interference into the metaphysical and natural phenomenons. Art enhances the human personality, dynamically.

We need better art to neutralize the jahalat that we were raised with, the jahalat that lies in our culture and false history that we crammed all our lives to pass primary Pakistan Studies subject.

We have brains, yes, but can we sophisticatedly use them? No. We lack the development that could only have been gained if there were art in our DNA’s. Not literally though. Art is not a pill you take to get high but a series of aesthetic alterations that lead to virgin worlds that lie beyond the status quo and we need to transcend.

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