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May 22, 2018

Get Your Story Right! Pakistan not a Movement, but a Referendum

As a standard Pakistan history textbook would have us believe,  Sir syed worked vigorously on the Anglo-Muslim relations. It is debatable whether the Sir Syed mindset was in reality enabling for the existing Pakistani society and all the future generations or not.  We believe that it unintentionally cauterised the sense of individuality that Muslims had.

Sir Syed’s vision was a product of Lord MaCaulay’s address at the British Parliament in 1835. This was the same mindset that the Muslims, our elders and forefathers came to Pakistan with.

He did his best in the circumstances to empower Muslims and everybody who aspired to join Pakistan.

However Lord Macaulay’s address aimed to divide and conquer, by reinforcing the british supremacy over the Hindus.

The cultural and spiritual heritage that the Indians took pride in was a source of envy for the rest. But Sir syed encouraged Muslims to acquire education to gain the British validation.

This mindset entailed no responsibility for society. It was naive and uninformed. Muslims were taught to look for personal opportunities.

Our elders moved to Pakistan with this irresponsible and nubile submission to the British supremacy and dominance.

The notions of nationalism as we know them were in reality deeply punctured. They were rather subservient to the colonial rule. The hierarchical feudalist nature of ruling the oppressed translated into the Pakistani thought

Whereby it was justified for a relatively strong upper class of elitist Muslims to rule the weaker ones in the infant nation to be formed.

The educated class began their lives on the so called land of the pure without any responsibility towards the young society, new country or new politics or economics.

Raza Kazim points out that Pakistan was a not a movement but rather a referendum.

Pakistani’s in the contemporary world, must acknowledge and understand the British Empire and its rule in India.

We are its products. The colonial debitage needs to be scrubbed off of the Pakistani thought and ideology. The weak governance and self interest has colluded the ethos of our ruling class.

The sense of what our future will be could not be made until the roots are deep and firm. Until our facts are true and sound.

But the roots of the Pakistani society are corrupt, straumanned and damaged.

India was invaded more than once and many people tried to conquer it. The invaders stepping on this soil, came here to belong here. The British however had other plans. They did not come here to belong here but to acquire India to serve the British economy and empire.

Pakistan was the result of this whole political struggle and process. That took place in India so that a safe homeland can be given to the oppressed.

And yet Pakistan turned into a mockup of the British rule. Unsurprisingly the vested interests of the power hungry transcended to the newborn Pakistan.

Only some felt freed from the British rule.  But the spirit was not shared by many. Not everyone felt as liberated. For several people this was only a change of governance but not circumstances.

Pakistan began, was not born and Pakistan still needs to become a nation.

In order to do so, we need to learn which was conveniently left out in history textbooks and popular ideology, ever since its inception.

The present generation needs to take stand and pick up where our elders left off.

A new society has to be designed and created with new economy, culture and vision.

All of this still needs to be done. So let’s start by looking to answer a basic question, what forms a complex, modern,  emotionally, politically, intellectually and economically sound society?

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