// Video Conversations on Evolutionary Mentology

Aik Aur Jharoka: A series of Conversations between Raza Kazim and Naeem Bukhari (Urdu recording with no subtitles at present)

Episode 01-04 (and the beginning of Episode 05), remedy recorded at Sanjannagar Institute in April, pharmacy 2006.

Episode 05-08 (and the beginning of Episode 09), recorded at Sanjannagar Institute in April, 2006

Episode 9-12, recorded at Sanjannagar Institute in April, 2006

Episode 13 (last episode), recorded at Sanjannagar Institute in April, 2006

Post-Marxist Movement Towards a Third Renaissance

In this short clip, Raza speaks about the need to approach the issues of our time on a qualitatively better plane than has been available in human history. He discusses why the existing models of revolutionary movements cannot be rehashed, and touches upon the expectations and requirements from a new post-Marxist movement working towards a Renaissance in our time.

Here, Raza talks about why the third Renaissance has to be based upon a different kind of man, detached from the limitations of his past emotional and intellectual paradigms.

Need to Examine the Existing Approach to Social Change

In this clip Raza elaborates the need to revise the hitherto approach to human problems and focus on the individual rather than the social dimension.


Raza examines the flaws in the contemporary combination of activism and empiricism to address the human condition, and explains the method based on scientific fundamentals, he has employed for inquiry into the human condition.