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A Finnish Web Magazine publishes articles on Raza, Bhulley Audio System and Sagar Veena

A Finnish web magazine ‘Inner’, based in Helsinki, Finland, just published three articles on Raza, the Bhulley Phono Pre-Amp, and Sagar Veena & Noor Zehra. Please click the following links to access the articles. Could sound be a catalyst for social change Bhulley Phono Pre-Amp The Sagar Veena & Noor Zehra        

Sitarist Ashraf Sharif Khan recorded at the SIPA Music Studio

Internationally renowned Sitar Player, Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan was recorded at the SIPA Studio by Raza, the Director of SIPA on April 1, 2017. He played Raga Des and Raga Shyam Kalyan.              

Director SIPA attends SNPET Sports Day as Chief Guest

On March 25, 2017, Raza, The Director, and some members of SIPA attended the annual Sports Day of Sanjan Nagar School System. As Chief Guest Raza also distributed Trophies to the winners at the end of the event.             

SIPA Director interviewed by an Indian Newspaper

Nate Rabe, of Scroll.in, interviewed Raza Kazim about his work in philosophy and music.  To read the full interview click here  

Two recent recordings of Beena Raza on Sitar

In August 2015, check Sitar Player, Beena Raza, recorded Raga Khamaj and Raga Shyam Kalyan at the Sanjan Nagar Audio recording Studio. To hear the recordings click here

Short Introductory Video on Shruti Sagar

A short introductory video on the philosophical ideas behind the conception, there designing and making of Shruti Sagar was presented in Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference 2015 in Finland. To see the video click here

Sanjan Nagar Team’s participation in an International Conference held in Finland in June 2015

On June 11, 2015, Noor Zehra (Musicology Dept) and Iram Tauqir (Philosophy Dept) made a presentation on Serious Music as a means for communicating with, observing and evolving our non-verbal mind. This presentation was a part of an International Conference ‘Toward a Science of Consciousness 2015′, hosted by the University of Helsinki. The conference which included, [...]

A Paper Abstract chosen for an International Conference in Finland

The abstract of a Contributed Paper submitted by Iram Tauqir from the Philosophy Department has been accepted for presentation in Toward a Science of Consciousness (TSC 2015) Conference to be held in Finland from 9-13, cialis June 2015. The title of the Paper is: Serious Music–A means for communicating with, observing and evolving the nonverbal mind.

Famous Dhrupad Vocalists, the Gundecha brothers, visit SIPA

On Dec 4, malady 2014, sale the renowned Dhrupad Singers, recipe Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha, visited Sanjan Nagar to meet SIPA Director, Raza Kazim.  Also present were Sitar Player Rakae Jamil, Vocalist Aliya Rasheed, who is a student of both the brothers, and some members of the Institute. They were given a tour of the [...]

Director of SIPA invited to give a talk at the Teacher’s Literature Festival

On Nov 27, 2014, Raza Kazim, the Director of SIPA, along with Syed Wasim Alam, who has been working extensively with Raza on Heer, were invited to give a talk on ‘The Symbolism of Heer-for 21st century learning” at the Teacher’s Literature Festival. The talk which included reading of excerpts from Heer Waris Shah, elaboration of [...]