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Director of SIPA invited to give a talk at the Teacher’s Literature Festival

On Nov 27, 2014, Raza Kazim, the Director of SIPA, along with Syed Wasim Alam, who has been working extensively with Raza on Heer, were invited to give a talk on ‘The Symbolism of Heer-for 21st century learning” at the Teacher’s Literature Festival. The talk which included reading of excerpts from Heer Waris Shah, elaboration of its historical context, and new insights and interpretation of what Heer symbolizes in our time, triggered the interest of some young teachers and students who decided to further learn and inquire into the significance of Heer for us as a people living in this time. At the end of the Talk a group of these young people was formed who plan to sit regularly with Raza and Wasim to learn more about Heer so that in future they can become a part of interpreting and communicating (through writing and other means) its essence and potential with our people in general.





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