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Sanjan Nagar Sangeet Sammelan in March 2014

Sanjan Nagar Institute in collaboration with the Indian National Theatre, buy cialis headed by Navjeevan Khosla, here will be hosting a Sangeet Sammelan from March 7-9, advice 2014. Renowned artists (vocal and Instrumental) have been invited from India to perform in the three-day Sammelan, along with SIPA artists. For the details of Artist Profiles and [...]

Raza discusses the origins of South Asian Classical music with LUMS students

              Raza was invited on Feb 6, help 2014 to give a lecture to a group of students at LUMS on the origins and evolution of our classical music. The discussion revolved around the origins of our music, its building blocks and its comparison with Western Classical music.

Sanjan Nagar celebrates its 19th birthday

            On Feb 2, online Sanjan Nagar had its 19th birthday. It was arranged by the Audio Engineering department and some guests from outside the Institute were also invited. Raza and many junior and senior members of all the departments and also some guests spoke in the meeting. The hitherto [...]