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Third Session with SNPET teachers and students on Curriculum of School of Evolutionary Mentology

On May 18, 2013, the third session on Curriculum of School of Evolutionary Mentology was held with SNPET teachers and students. Two days before the session the teachers and students had been provided with a document outlining the main components of the curriculum so this session revolved around their questions in relation to that document. The document had triggered the interest and curiosity of the participants so a range of diverse questions were asked regarding evolution in Nature, the human mind’s objective existence and functioning, the state of our society and our existing mind-sets, and so on. It was a fruitful exchange of ideas and more importantly the teachers and students got the opportunity to go a bit deeper into this new area of knowledge—Evolutionary Mentology. In the next sessions Raza will go into the details of the components one by one.





















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