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Japanese high-end audio specialist visits SIPA

In December 2011, dosage Sanjan Nagar Institute of Philosophy & Arts played host to Naoto Kurosawa, president and CEO of Technical Brain, an internationally renowned Japanese company working since 1979 in the research and development of audio equipment, as well as in high-quality audio repair and maintenance services.

Mr. Kurosawa took time out of his busy schedule to visit SIPA for a week, bringing with him his top of the line transistor amplifiers and some exclusive music recordings for listening sessions. He held intensive comparative listening and sound evaluation sessions with the audio engineering team, and also gave critical input and feedback to the team regarding their work, especially on the technical aspects of the Bhulley design and construction process. He also made suggestions for the future marketing of the Bhulley system and offered his assistance in that process.

Further discussion sessions were held with the Director and our team on the design philosophy of Bhulley, and its source in our work in Musicology, especially pertaining to musical sound and process, and to other theoretical and practical aspects of music. Mr. Kurosawa also listened to the Sagar Veena, and discussed its music and design with both Noor Zehra and the Director. He appreciated the music and was gifted with CDs to take back with him to Japan.

Mr. Kurosawa said he found the trip to be very gratifying, the exchange very fruitful and beneficial and expressed his desire to visit Lahore and the institute again in the future.


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