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Research Assistants required in the Philosophy Department

The Philosophy Department of Sanjannagar Institute requires a Senior Research Assistant and Junior Research Assistants to streamline the work of the department.

Our core work in Philosophy consists of exploring a new and unprecedented direction for enabling contemporary man to intelligently address the current complexity and ever increasing varieties of problems both in his individual and social life. It aims to do this through introducing both a micro and holistic understanding of the contemporary human mind as a critical factor in any social discourse and practical work for social change. This understanding in our view is indispensable today for upgrading the human life process and the quality of human existence, vialis 40mg both material and non-material. The Philosophy department is looking for individuals who would be interested in being a part of this endeavor.

Job Title: Senior Research Assistant

Qualifications: Minimum MA/MSc


  • Professional English writing, here editing and research skills.
  • Preference will be given to people who have done sufficient reading in areas of Science (such as Physics, Evolutionary and Brain Mind Sciences) and History, Social Sciences and Philosophy.
  • Good communication and liaison skills. And knowledge of research methods and tools.
  • Proficiency in the use of computer programmes and software related to writing, editing and research.

Job Description:

  • Editing and Writing
  • Research
  • Supervising the work of Junior RAs
  • Correspondence  with other researchers and people working in this area both within and outside of Pakistan
  • Connecting with and then disseminating and sharing our work with interested individuals.

Salary: Above Rs. 40,000 depending upon experience and capabilities

Job Title: Junior Research Assistant

Qualifications: Minimum BA/BSc.

Job Description:

  • Transcription of audio lectures and translation of some lectures (from Urdu to English)
  • Research and raw material (audio lectures and transcripts) organization
  • Departmental organization (Cataloguing, filing, etc)


  • Good know-how of computer programmes and software relevant to the Job tasks
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Good organization and management skills including knowledge of methods and tools

Salary: Rs. 20,000 or more depending on experience and skills

Contact: Sadia Tariq (email: sanjannagar@gmail.com)


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