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Film is not Dead – Photography Workshop at SIPA

The digital photographic industry has seen extraordinary growth during the last decade. The availability, price affordability, viagra and ease of using digital imaging devices have displaced traditional silver halide film in many areas of photography. However, vcialis 40mg despite the exponential progress of digital equipment, the traditional film photography is still alive and evolving. It is, therefore, quite essential that students aspiring to adopt photography as a profession should be well acquainted with the history, evolution, techniques and processes of the silver halide film. 

SIPA in collaboration with Beacon house National University’s School of Liberal Arts recently offered a three days extensive workshop at its premises to familiarize students with the traditional techniques of photography. The focus of the workshop was on hands-on training of making and using pinhole cameras, developing negatives and positives in the darkroom, proper calculation of exposure, understanding of composition, and use of photography as an effective medium of communication. The practical aspect was supported with a discussion of the history and evolution of silver halide film, exposure settings using the zone system, handling a 35mm film camera, and presentation of the images.

Workshop facilitators were Rashida Raza, Beena Raza and Dr. Adnan from SIPA and Ms. Shazia from BNU.


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