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A Finnish Web Magazine publishes articles on Raza, Bhulley Audio System and Sagar Veena

A Finnish web magazine ‘Inner’, based in Helsinki, Finland, just published three articles on Raza, the Bhulley Phono Pre-Amp, and Sagar Veena & Noor Zehra. Please click the following links to access the articles. Could sound be a catalyst for social change Bhulley Phono Pre-Amp The Sagar Veena & Noor Zehra        


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Exclusive Jam Session at Sanjan Nagar

Featuring Noor Zehra Kazim on Sagar Veena;
Beena Raza on Sitar;
Rakae Jamil on Shruti Bahar;
Ali Noor on acoustic guitar;
Joel Dreyfuss on double bass;
Raza Shaukat on tabla;
and Ali Hamza on vocals.

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"The Bhulley Audio System is an outstanding audio system presenting power, clarity, definition and superb tone. This is clearly evidenced in the system’s ability to reproduce very difficult textures within a composition with a quality, vibrance and musicality which is a delight to experience."
-- Simon Wells, Technical Director of The Sound Agency, UK.

"The Bhulley Audio System - I class it as an extreme audio system with enough potential to rival any of the established brands found elsewhere. Its philosophy and 'no cut corners' attitude remind me of brands from Japan like Kondo Labs and Shindo Labs."
-- Les Wong, co-owner of Walrus Systems, UK.

"The uniqueness [of the Institute and the people associated with it] extends from the entirety of the vision, to the pursuit of excellence and intellectual thought, and is maintained by a set of common beliefs and interactions that has been forged over years."
-- Gordon Haight, CEO of Drive Thru Media LLP

"The Sanjan Nagar Institute is a precious creation. It has generated poles of excellence in music, photography, education and philosophy."
-- Joel Dreyfuss, noted journalist.

"Evolutionary Mentology is a critical element that defines the organization's unique profile and commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Its fundamental role is evident in the many tangible achievements that we had the good fortune to observe; and the individual success of its members."
-- John Benjamin, Senior VP Business Development of Drive Thru Media LLP